Who We Are

King’s Swords Fencing Club is an independent Club based out of King’s College School, Wimbledon. Running for many years, the Club builds on the excellent fencing provided at the School, and welcomes members regardless of any affiliation with the School.

For many years, the Club catered to the fencing needs for children from 6-18 years old. Recently, we have started an adult’s section, to further enhance the services we can deliver.

We pride ourselves on having excellent coaches, and a system which ensures that all fencers learn a lifelong love for the sport.

Fencing With Us

As a Club, we believe that fencing should be fun and accessible to all. In this, we ensure that our facilities are of the highest standards, and that every member has full access to training and coaching.

Our coaches use a variety of techniques, including games, lessons and 1:1 coaching, to ensure that every member continues to grow during their time with us. All our coaches are fully registered with British Fencing and our covered by the appropriate insurances and criminal checks.

Being based at King’s College School, we are fortunate to have some of the best fencing facilities at our disposal. Our fencers all gain experience in electric fencing (as well as experience in steam fencing – the official term for non-electric fencing).

We have a number of electronic scoreboards, boxes, etc. which every member will use during their sessions. The sports hall itself has dedicated pistes laid out and the large size means that the hall is never too warm or too cold.

Facilities are regularly maintained by the School and kept to the highest standards.


The foil is the most recognisable sword in fencing. It is often the first sword which fencers encounter, and is a light flexible weapon. The foil target is the torso (including the back of the torso), groin and neck. It is a thrusting weapon in that a hit (touch) only scores if there is light pressure with the point of the weapon. Touches with the side of the blade are not scored. Foil fencing requires a fencer to have the right of way in order to score a point.

This is the preferred weapon of Lee Kiefer, the 2021 Tokyo Olympics Gold Medal winner for Individual Foil.


The Epee is the heaviest of the weapons in modern fencing, and is based on the rapier. Similar to the foil in looks, the epee has a larger hand guard and a heavier, fluted-edged blade. Again, similar to the foil, the epee us a thrusting weapon where all points are scored by the tip of the blade.

In epee, the whole body is the valid target. The weapon has a larger guard than a foil to help protect the hand and wrist. Touches in epee require greater pressure that those in foil, and – unlike the other two swords – there is no necessity for a fencer to have right of way. This can lead to interesting situations, where both fencers score a point simultaneously. This is the weapon included in the Modern Pentathlon, where the rules are for a single hit bout.

The epee is the preferred weapon of Park Sang-young, the 2016 Rio Olympics Gold Medal winner.


The sabre is a light weapon, which many people think of as the swashbuckling weapon. As it is based on the cavalry sabre, the valid target is all areas of the body above the waist (including the back but excluding the hands).

Although a touch with the point in a valid scoring area is allowed, most sabre points are scored with the edge of the blade. When watching sabre fencing, you will get an idea that it is a “swooshing” weapon, which can look extremely flamboyant or stylish.

This is the preferred weapon of Áron Szilágyi who in 2021 became the first ever consecutive three-time gold medal Olympian (2012, 2016, 2021).

6-8 Year Old’s Prep Fencing

KSFC run a prep club for our youngest fencers. The sessions are run by a dedicated and experienced coach, and run from 9am to 9.45am every Saturday morning during term times. Prep fencers are not required to have any of their own kit, as all kit is supplied by the Club. As our youngest members, prep fencers use plastic swords with the appropriate safety kit in every session.

These sessions are priced per session as opposed to our other offerings.

9 – 18 Year Old’s Fencing

KSFC run a comprehensive club for younger fencers. The Club operates various different sessions to ensure younger fencers are appropriately trained according to their age and their abilities. Then Advanced sessions are by invitation only, and are provided at no additional cost.


Our beginners sessions run from 9am to 10.30am every Saturday during term times. The sessions are attended by both beginners and some of our more advanced fencers. Beginners are carefully taught all aspects of fencing, from warming up to different weapon techniques, and are also taught refereeing skills.

In our beginners sessions, a number of our Advanced fencers provide support to the coaches and the students. Beginners will always have the chance to fence in matches against others in the session, including the opportunity to fence against our more advanced members if they so choose.


Advanced level fencing is by invitation only. This session runs on Saturdays from 10.30am to 12pm during term times. Here we build on the skills introduced in the Beginners sessions, and assist our members to reach their maximum potential.

As a Club, we are aware that not all fencers wish to compete – be that locally, nationally or internationally. However, all our Advanced members receive the training which is most appropriate for them.

For those members wishing to enter competitions, our coaches provide various support and training to enhance their skills and to help them attain the highest levels.

Adult Fencing

A new addition to the Club, we are now running Adult fencing sessions alongside our Younger Members sessions on Saturday mornings during term times. In these sessions, adults will be trained by our coaches, volunteer coaches, and Advanced members of the Club to understand the skills and techniques required for fencing.

The Adult fencing session will join with the Younger Members Advanced sessions for the second part of the training, where again Advanced Members will assist with additional skills growth techniques.

All Adult members will have the opportunity to fence against each other at every session.

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Our Location

The Club meets every Saturday morning during term times at the King’s College School Sports Hall in Wimbledon.

Please see alongside for a detailed map and directions.